Remixes: 2005 Throwback Pack

Posted: October 10, 2010 in Original Remixes

As I prep a few remixes for posting; I figured I’d fill the request to repost a few of RnB and Dancehall remixes I wrote back when we were doing Mondays! at Red Fez.




Ciara – One, Two Step (Elder Verse Minor Chords Remix) –

I’ve had a lot of DJ requests for my Minor Chords Remix of Ciara One, Two Step.  It’s acceptance on the dancefloor has always been much greater than I anticipated.  Ladies just love the chords on the chorus, from what I can see.  It’s downloadable at Soundcloud.

Glenn Lewis ft Kardinall Offishal – Back for More (Elder Verse Remix) –

Here’s a more sparce arrangement of my favorite Glenn Lewis track, Back for More.  The original had a dancehall sway, this one stays digital and downtempo.

Ms. Thing – Hotter (Elder Verse Remix)

I went off the deep end for this one.  But if you like syncopated, organic dancehall, you’ll like my rework.

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