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Re-Edits: T-Pain and Ricco Barrino

Posted: October 10, 2010 in Re-Edits

Been rinsing these for the last few years, but I know they can be useful to other djs as well, so: Public Domain.

T-Pain – Freeze (Elder Verse Easy-B-More Re-Edit)

This track got significant coverage in the public consciousness (mostly via its usage by the Beat Freaks on America’s Best Dance Crew Season 3.) And although people loved the sound, lack of an accessible mix kept it from dancefloors.   This lite B-More version works.


Ricco Barrino – White Gurl Got Money (Elder Verse Re-Edit)

This track never got any public play, but I dug the acapella and the original.  So, I blended it with The classic break used in E-40’s White Gurl and I added a few production touches, including the bridge.

This one goes out to Table Manners Crew and the Get Right Kids.
It’s a blend of production touches, over my re-edit of Axel Foley by Harold Faltermeyer, topped with DJ Zeph’s Floor Wax featuring Rashaad Amhad.
Many djs have reworked this tune, but I think Ahmad’s lyrics are a perfect contextual fit.