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This goes out specially to my man PSR from Green Hat.

UNKLE is back, anyone remember Mo’ Wax and ‘ Headz?’

Fiasco is swift with the verbal static on this one.  Headphone Hip Hop.  Refreshing.

This track is available at Amazon:

I’ll be posting some of my favorite Dancehall tracks over the next few weeks, so keep checking in.

This track has lit up plenty a dance floor full of ladies. Buffy is a female toaster. The moral of her lyric: Girls stay clean.


Y’All know I’m a Dancehall fanatic.  Seriously, I can’t get enough.  Rhythmically they are miles ahead of the U.S. right now.  But this track has that classic 90’s sound that people associate with Dancehall.  Straight up, feel good.  Dancehall.  It’s on the Landscape Riddim.

You can’t pick this one up at Amazon…

Usually when you drop a NYC style basement joint like this one; you expect to get that ‘it’s sooo good grimace’ from the folks on the dance floor. This production is a little different though. The vocal sample is so juxtaposed so nicely over the hard beat. People just look intense and bop heavy.

As they said ‘Iknoow you gonna dig this.’

You can pick this track up at Amazon: