The FeedBak Presents Bring It Bak Party

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Events

On Friday December 3rd, I’ll be at the helm for’s DJ Tribute Party.  The first Feedbak party occurred just last month. But people recognize a party.  So…

We’ll be at District 301 (w. 6th / Lavaca) from 9 – 2. Dec 3. Click here to show event details including prizes.

I’ll be playing a 30 minute tribute set to the King of Pop and the Godfather of Soul.  MJ and JB will be shouting at each other from across the turntables.  Step out on your good foot while wearing your good glove.

Also, this is your chance to actually have a DJ play your request!  Visit to submit your song requests.

As an added bonus, and in my never ending goal to create unity on the dance floor, I’m posting some party tracks for pre-listening.  Study up, sing along.

Here’s the first two:

Beenie Man feat Fambo – I’m Drinking Rum & Red Bull

Cosa Nosa Riddim vs Chalie Boy – I Look Good (Elder Verse Re-Edit)

Wrote this original remix of an up and coming artist out of LA.
This is a taste of my dancefloor production style, for those who haven’t heard it.  Crunk, uptempo, RnB.

Check out Asia Lee at:

Re-Edits: T-Pain and Ricco Barrino

Posted: October 10, 2010 in Re-Edits

Been rinsing these for the last few years, but I know they can be useful to other djs as well, so: Public Domain.

T-Pain – Freeze (Elder Verse Easy-B-More Re-Edit)

This track got significant coverage in the public consciousness (mostly via its usage by the Beat Freaks on America’s Best Dance Crew Season 3.) And although people loved the sound, lack of an accessible mix kept it from dancefloors.   This lite B-More version works.


Ricco Barrino – White Gurl Got Money (Elder Verse Re-Edit)

This track never got any public play, but I dug the acapella and the original.  So, I blended it with The classic break used in E-40’s White Gurl and I added a few production touches, including the bridge.

I wrote this remix for Terell Shahid, an incredible multi-instrumentalist here in TX.  This was my take on the Dirty South in 2006.

I’ve been spinning this remix in commercial clubs for a couple of years now.  The response has always been crazy.  Abut this to Jack and Diane or Ting Tings.  Folks will go crazy.

Remixes: 2005 Throwback Pack

Posted: October 10, 2010 in Original Remixes

As I prep a few remixes for posting; I figured I’d fill the request to repost a few of RnB and Dancehall remixes I wrote back when we were doing Mondays! at Red Fez.




Ciara – One, Two Step (Elder Verse Minor Chords Remix) –

I’ve had a lot of DJ requests for my Minor Chords Remix of Ciara One, Two Step.  It’s acceptance on the dancefloor has always been much greater than I anticipated.  Ladies just love the chords on the chorus, from what I can see.  It’s downloadable at Soundcloud.

Glenn Lewis ft Kardinall Offishal – Back for More (Elder Verse Remix) –

Here’s a more sparce arrangement of my favorite Glenn Lewis track, Back for More.  The original had a dancehall sway, this one stays digital and downtempo.

Ms. Thing – Hotter (Elder Verse Remix)

I went off the deep end for this one.  But if you like syncopated, organic dancehall, you’ll like my rework.

This one goes out to Table Manners Crew and the Get Right Kids.
It’s a blend of production touches, over my re-edit of Axel Foley by Harold Faltermeyer, topped with DJ Zeph’s Floor Wax featuring Rashaad Amhad.
Many djs have reworked this tune, but I think Ahmad’s lyrics are a perfect contextual fit.

Now you know I love 1990s dancehall as much as the next.  But I am all about the newest riddims coming out of Jamaica.

The ‘Jim Screechie Riddim’ is one of my favs right now.  I’ve mixed some of the choice cuts from the riddim in a dj mix.  No airhorn or FX junk on this mix.  Just a clean, fun riddim mix.

This goes out specially to my man PSR from Green Hat.

UNKLE is back, anyone remember Mo’ Wax and ‘ Headz?’

Fiasco is swift with the verbal static on this one.  Headphone Hip Hop.  Refreshing.

This track is available at Amazon: